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The Wharton Executive Essentials Ebook Bundle

The Wharton Executive Essentials Series from Wharton School Press brings the ideas of the Wharton School’s thought leaders to you wherever you are. Inspired by Wharton’s Executive Education program, each book is authored by globally renowned faculty and filled with real-life business examples and actionable advice. Wharton Executive Essentials guides offer a quick-reading and comprehensive summary of the knowledge leaders need to excel in today’s competitive business environment and capture tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Customer Centricity

Upending some of our most fundamental beliefs, renowned Wharton professor Peter Fader helps businesses radically rethink how they relate to customers. He provides insights to help you revamp your performance metrics, product development, customer relationship management and organization in order to make sure you focus directly on the needs of your most valuable customers and increase profits for the long term.

The Wharton Executive Essentials Ebook Bundle Cover Image

Financial Literacy for Managers

In direct and simple terms, Richard A. Lambert, Miller-Sherrerd Professor of Accounting at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, demystifies financial statements and concepts and shows you how you can apply this information to make better business decisions for long-term profit.

The Wharton Executive Essentials Ebook Bundle Cover Image

Global Brand Power

In Global Brand Power, Barbara Kahn brings brand management into the 21st century, addressing how branding contributes to the purchase process and how to position a strong global brand, from identifying the appropriate competitive set, offering a sustainable differential advantage, and targeting the right strategic segment.

The Wharton Executive Essentials Ebook Bundle Cover Image

Innovation Prowess

Wharton professor George S. Day reveals how growth leaders use their innovation prowess to accelerate their growth at a faster rate. In this essential guide, Day shows how to build this prowess by combining discipline in growth-seeking activities with an organizational ability to innovate.