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Retail Success Ebook Bundle

Collect three marketing ebook favorites: The Shopping Revolution, Global Brand Power, and The Customer of Tomorrow.

Retail Success Ebook Bundle Cover Image

The Shopping Revolution

The Shopping Revolution is a must-read for those in the retailing business who want to develop an effective strategy, entrepreneurs looking at starting their own business, and anyone interested in understanding the changing landscape in which they are shopping.

Retail Success Ebook Bundle Cover Image

Global Brand Power

Filled with stories that reveal the latest in what leading companies are doing today to leverage their brands and based on solid research, Global Brand Power is the only book you will need to implement an effective brand strategy for your firm.

Retail Success Ebook Bundle Cover Image

The Customer of Tomorrow

This quick read features Knowledge@Wharton’s reporting on the research and thought leadership of Iwan Barankay, David Bell, George Day, Peter Fader, Barbara Kahn, among others. The Customer of Tomorrow will help you continue to win wallet-share with your customers.