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The Gamification Toolkit

Dynamics, Mechanics, and Components for the Win

Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter

The ebook companion to For the Win, the global hit that has been called “a game changer,” “a home run,” and “a total win”

Take your gamification efforts to the next level

When The Economist covered Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter’s new book For the Win in 2012, they referred to gamification as a “management craze.” Since then, it has proved to be much more than a fleeting fad: it is a global movement. For the Win has been published globally in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish, and more than half a million people have taken Werbach’s gamification course on Coursera.

Now, in The Gamification Toolkit, Werbach and Hunter go deeper into the key game elements and provide you with the tools to take game thinking to the next level. This brief but comprehensive ebook is a user’s guide to help you build a game—for the win.

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The Gamification Toolkit Cover ImageThe Gamification Toolkit Cover ImageThe Gamification Toolkit Cover ImageThe Gamification Toolkit Cover Image