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Gamification Ebook Bundle

This is the ultimate gamification ebook collection, featuring two ebooks from Wharton and Coursera professor Kevin Werbach and Swinburne Law School dean Dan Hunter. For the Win provides all the foundations and frameworks you need to understand gamification; The Gamification Toolkit digs into the gamification elements that you can use to implement a gamification project.

Gamification Ebook Bundle Cover Image

For the Win

For the Win reveals how a wide range of companies are successfully using game thinking. It also offers an explanation of when gamifying makes the most sense and a 6-step framework for using games for marketing, productivity enhancement, innovation, employee motivation, customer engagement, and more.

Gamification Ebook Bundle Cover Image

The Gamification Toolkit

The Gamification Toolkit, Werbach and Hunter go deeper into the key game elements and provide you with the tools to take gamification to the next level.