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Wharton Digital Press  |  March 20, 2014

Pay It Forward: The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook

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If you have found The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook helpful, please consider paying it forward.

  • Provide a Social Entrepreneur You Know with the Ebook: A few ebook retailers will allow you to gift a copy of the book for as little as $6.99. To gift a copy of the ebook, visit Amazon, Apple, or Ebooks.com.
  • Two for One: Buy a copy of the ebook for yourself, and we will distribute a second ebook to an aspiring or active social entrepreneur or impact organization we select when you purchase the Pay It Forward offer at Ganxy.com.
  • Share the Message Widely: If you wish to share the ebook with 25 or more people on your team, at an event, or with others, please contact Wharton Digital Press for a simple delivery solution and a 50% discount: $4.99 per ebook.

Just as MacMillan and Thompson developed the book based on reader feedback, they welcome your ideas on how to pay it forward.  Please email the authors at Wharton Digital Press with your feedback and suggestions.

For more information, visit The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook.