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Wharton Digital Press  |  December 4, 2014

#FridayReads Leadership Ebook Bundle Deal

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Wharton Digital Press will release a Leadership Ebook Bundle on December 5, 2014, that includes two books: Leading Successful Change, by Gregory P. Shea and Cassie A. Solomon, and The Leader’s Checklist, by Michael Useem.

To celebrate the occasion, Wharton Digital Press is offering a special #FridayReads Ebook Bundle Deal beginning on publication day. If you purchase the Leadership Ebook Bundle before Monday, December 8, at 8 am EST, you will receive the bundle for only $4.99. That is 75% off the $19.98 retail price for both books. Order your Leadership Ebook Bundle Now.

After the special offer ends, the bundle price will return to $9.99: two ebooks for the price of one.

Whether you need to make an important decision in an unpredictable and stressful environment or you need to implement a significant change throughout your organization, The Leadership Ebook Bundle is perfect for those moments when leadership really matters.


“Leading Successful Change is more than a must-read for leaders today—it is a must-use guide for anyone who is faced with leading others to a future that is better than today. Authors Greg Shea and Cassie Solomon take a powerful and provocative stance on how change really happens…. Leading Successful Change is the book to read if you are a leader who genuinely cares about people and your organization’s success.”

—Annie McKee, PhD, author, Management: A Focus on Leaders, and coauthor, Primal Leadership

“With this compact handbook, Mike Useem provides leaders what they all say they want and need but rarely get: a kick-in-the-pants reminder of those parts of the job they have neglected.”

—Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post Business Columnist and On Leadership Website Moderator