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Wharton Digital Press  |  January 22, 2015

A Coursera Exclusive: The Gamification Toolkit

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Coursera students receive exclusive first access to an upcoming book from Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter.

A new ebook from For the Win authors Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter, The Gamification Toolkit is scheduled to be published by Wharton Digital Press on May 3, 2015. Through an exclusive arrangement, students who sign up for Werbach’s free Gamification course will receive first access and a deep discount off the retail price of the new ebook. The offer is available January 21, 2015, through the completion of the course on March 12, 2015.

Available exclusively to Coursera students:

  • The Gamification Toolkit: Receive the first opportunity to download and read the ebook, plus an 80% discount off the retail price. Only $.99 (regularly priced $4.99).
  • The Gamification Toolkit and For the Win: Receive the first opportunity to download and read the Gamification Ebook Bundle, which includes both books by Werbach and Hunter. Only $7.99 (regularly priced $14.98).

In For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business, Werbach and Hunter revealed how games can offer valuable insights and practical tools to improve business performance. Now, in their new ebook The Gamification Toolkit, Werbach and Hunter go deeper into the key game elements and provide you with the tools to take gamification to the next level. This brief but comprehensive guide is a user’s guide to help you build a game—for the win.

Get Started

  1. Sign up for the free Gamification Coursera course.
  2. Visit the Gamification Coursera course site to learn about this exclusive offer.