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Become a Wharton School Press Author

What Wharton School Press Brings to the Partnership

Focus on Innovation

Wharton School Press encourages authors to think beyond traditional notions of a “book” in order to find the best way to convey their ideas. Length, format, and medium are shaped to maximize an author’s message.

Experienced Publishing Team

Wharton School Press has an experienced and knowledgeable publishing team. Wharton School Press works with authors to develop their idea, hone the material, prepare the book for publication, and distribute it to the global business community.

Global Network

Wharton School Press readers and authors are part of the global Wharton community, which includes more than 225 faculty members, 95,000 alumni, 5,000 students across 10 academic departments, 20 research centers, and more than 9,000 executive education participants annually.

Quick to Market

Wharton School Press has developed a flexible, innovative production process that allows it to publish rapidly when unique opportunities or current events demand it.

Marketing Expertise

Wharton School Press creates an individualized marketing and publicity plan and works closely with each author to implement it.

Access to Readers

Wharton School Press books are available in the English language wherever books are sold online in more than 200 countries and territories.

What the Author Brings to the Partnership

Innovative Spirit

Wharton School Press authors break new ground, and they are deeply passionate about exploring opportunities to make today’s leaders more successful. Wharton School Press authors approach topics with fresh perspectives.

Subject Expertise

Wharton School Press authors are thought leaders in their areas of business, bringing with them broad experience and deep knowledge that are critical to today’s managers. They are invested in sharing what they know with their audience.

Established Reputation

Wharton School Press authors are well-known and respected. Their credibility enhances the relationship with their readers.

Reader Engagement

Within the Wharton community, these authors join in an ongoing discussion of timely and important business matters. The authors contribute to this discussion and benefit from the interactions that these collaborations foster.

Commitment to Spreading the Word

Wharton School Press authors use their contacts and networks to help spread the word about their books. They have innovative ideas about how to build awareness.

Deep Understanding of Their Audience

Wharton School Press authors have strong connections to their audience, and they understand the depth of knowledge and insight that readers are seeking from their books.


Submissions Guidelines for Authors

Wharton School Press seeks proposals for short-form business books directed to a general business audience, in the areas of management, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, finance and investment, leadership, marketing, operations, human resources, social responsibility, and more.

Your project should be 15,000-30,000 words in length and break new ground. If you wish to submit a proposal for consideration, please follow these guidelines.

Cover Letter

The one-page cover letter should provide a brief overview of the project and a summary of your qualifications. Please highlight distinguishing factors that set your project apart from the competition.


Proposals typically run 5-20 pages. A proposal should include the following elements:

  • Working Title and Subtitle. Please provide a compelling title and subtitle that communicate what the book is about and to whom it is directed.
  • Brief description. In 2-3 paragraphs, tell us about your book, to whom it is directed, what the reader will get out of it, and how it is innovative and unique. Please note if your project will be controversial, offer breakthrough information, be newsworthy, or contain special enhancements such as audio or video. Please also make note of the length of your book, whether it is short (7,500-10,000 words), mid-length 15,000-30,000 words), or longer (40,000 words or longer).
  • Biography. Please provide a biographical description that positions you as a thought leader and an expert on your subject. Include your position, your educational background, any special awards, and any media you have been featured in. Your CV should also be provided as an attachment.
  • Audience/Market. Identify your target market. Pinpoint the primary and secondary audiences. Demonstrate your direct relationship with this audience. Explain how you are currently reaching your audience. Please be specific and provide numbers to quantify the audience whenever possible.
  • Competitive Advantage. Please provide a competitive analysis of the books that will compete with yours, and then explain how your book will stand out from the competition.
  • Promotional Plans. An author’s involvement in promoting the book is a key factor in a book’s success. Tell us how you plan to promote your project, including your social networking efforts, professional affiliations, conferences, speaking engagements, mailing lists, and so on. Explain how you will contribute to the Wharton School Press community of authors and readers.
  • Annotated Table of Contents. Outline the contents of the book in detail.

Proposals may be sent to Wharton School Press via email.