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Wharton School Press has collected answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

About Wharton School Press

Why was Wharton School Press founded?

Wharton School Press, the book publishing arm of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, was established to inspire bold, insightful thinking within the global business community.

How does Wharton School Press meet its mission?

Wharton School Press accomplishes this mission through two primary efforts.

First, Wharton School Press publishes a select list of award-winning, bestselling, and thought-leading books that offer trusted business knowledge to help leaders at all levels meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. Led by a spirit of innovation and experimentation, Wharton School Press leverages groundbreaking digital technologies and has pioneered a fast-reading business book format that fits readers’ busy lives, allowing them to swiftly emerge with the tools and information needed to make an impact. Wharton School Press books offer guidance and inspiration on a variety of topics, including leadership, management, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, social impact, public policy, and more.

Second, Wharton School Press operates an online bookstore featuring a curated selection of influential books by Wharton School faculty and Press authors published by a wide range of leading publishers.

To find books that will inspire and empower you to increase your impact and expand your personal and professional horizons, visit wsp.wharton.upenn.edu.

What is the history of the Press?

The Press was launched in 2011 by Stephen J. Kobrin, Emeritus Professor of Multinational Management, who retired from his role as executive director in 2018. Bearing the name Wharton Digital Press, it set out to leverage emerging digital publishing technologies to position the Wharton School on the leading-edge of experimentation in learning and as a forward-thinking innovator.

While many business school presses experimented with the emerging digital book publishing technologies, the Wharton School was the first and only business school to launch a digital book press dedicated exclusively to exploring the unique opportunities presented by these changes.

In October 2019, the Press changed its name to Wharton School Press.

How can I contact Wharton School Press?

Please visit the Contact page on the Wharton School Press site.

How do I stay up to date on Wharton School Press news?

Please sign up for the Wharton School Press newsletter at the top of any page on the Wharton School Press site, or follow Wharton School Press on Twitter.

Where else can I find Wharton School Press books?

Wharton School Press books are available in more than 200 countries around the world in the English language, and are available wherever books are sold online. Wharton School Press also licenses its books to publishers around the world to be published in other languages. Translated editions are available in Brazil (Portuguese), China, Czech Republic, Korea, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and throughout the world in Spanish.

I am a bookseller; where can I order Wharton School Press books?

Please contact Wharton School Press for details.

Who do I contact regarding translation and audio rights for Wharton School Press books?

For translation, audio, and other rights requests, please contact pressrts@pobox.upenn.edu.

Where can I get permission to reproduce content from a Wharton School Press book?

For course use, please submit your request through Copyright Clearance Center here.

If you wish to reproduce material copyrighted by Wharton School Press in another publication, please contact pressrts@pobox.upenn.edu.

I am a journalist; how can I request a review copy?

Please contact Wharton School Press to request a copy or receive additional information about a book.

I am a librarian or educator; how can I request a review or desk copy?

Please contact Wharton School Press to make a request.

How to Become an Author

How does Wharton School Press work with authors?

Wharton School Press and its authors are partners in each publishing venture. This partnership is reflected in Wharton School Press’s agreement to share revenue from sales of books with the author. Both the Press and the author contribute to the partnership and both share responsibility for its success. For more information, please visit: Become an Author.

How can I become a Wharton School Press author?

Wharton School Press’s submission guidelines are available here.