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Wharton School Press, the book publishing arm of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, was established to inspire bold, insightful thinking within the global business community.

About Wharton School Press

Fast-Reading and Actionable Books

Wharton School Press publishes a select list of research-driven, award-winning, and bestselling books that offer trusted business knowledge to help leaders at all levels meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. Led by a spirit of innovation and experimentation, Wharton School Press has pioneered a fast-reading business book format that fits your busy life, allowing you to swiftly emerge with the tools and information needed to make an impact.

Wharton School Press Bookstore

The Wharton School Press Bookstore offers a central location to discover nonfiction books authored by The Wharton School’s faculty and Wharton School Press authors.

Innovation Lab

Wharton School Press, originally launched in 2011 as Wharton Digital Press, has pushed the boundaries in nearly every realm of the book publishing business model, from its relationship with authors to the delivery of its content. One of its key goals is to operate as a laboratory to test new innovations in digital reading technologies and content delivery and distribution. With each book it publishes, Wharton School Press explores ways to further push the boundaries.